What is penis enlargement?
Penis enlargement is a procedure by following which human penis can be enlarged up to 3-4 inches.

Does it really work?

Yes, it does! In fact, people around the world have already done it and doing it. It takes months to gain some permanent gains and results vary depending on the physical condition.

What are the methods available?

There are several good penis enlargement methods available, rest are scams. Penis extender, natural penis enhancement pills, penis enlargement exercise and penis enlargement surgery are the methods that work. However, surgery can create a hole in your pocket and has some major side effects which is why penis enlargement surgery is not recommended.

What is a penis extender/enlarger/enlargement device?

Penis extender is a device that utilizes gentle tension to enlarge the penis.

How does a penis extender work?

When an extender is put to work, it creates a gentle tension and penis responds to the tension by creating more cells that would fill up the gaps created by the tension. As a result, permanent gain occurs. We all have seen tribal men and women who have enlarged their neck, lips, ears other parts of their body utilizing the same principle. An extender is the safest available method.

What are the benefits of a penis extender?

Penis extenders are known to provide gain both in length and girth, improved ejaculation, straighten bent penis and improve sexual satisfaction. Gains are permanent gives the penis a muscular look. As each man have different physical conditions, results may vary.

Is using a penis extender safe?

Yes absolutely. But be careful to put right kind of tension and use comfortable silicon strap based extenders as they are known to be more comfortable then tube based extenders. Tube-based extenders are not bad either but if used wrong or too tight they can be a little discomforting.

Tell me more about penis pills

Penis pills that contain all-natural ingredients are the 100% safe. Natural penis pills have all natural herbal ingredients that are known to enlarge human penis for centuries. Natural penis pills such as VigRX Plus and Vimax pills are famous and adored by men.

How safe are the pills?

Penis pills with 100% natural ingredients are safe as they contain 100% natural herbal ingredients. We all know how safe effective herbals are. But beware about scam pills, they might not be that safe or effective at all.

What can penis exercise do for me?

Exercises follow the same principle penis extenders follow. Penis exercises create tension to which penis responds by creating more cells thus when done right penis exercises can provide permanent gains. However, it is very important to do it right. Doing it wrong or overdoing it can bring in some serious consequences like pain and injuries.

How do I exercise right?

The best way to do it is to follow a penis exercise program. Check out the recommended exercise program here.

How long?

The answer should be, it depends on many factors. Everyone is different physically and psychologically. Some gain inches within 2-3 months while some others gain an inch after 6 months. Some might not gain anything at all but that is a very unlikely case. As long as your tissues can regenerate you are able to gain the inches.

What methods do I need to avoid?

Penis pumps, weights, dangerous pills and penis enlargement surgery. Pumps work by sealing the penis in an airtight tube and removing the surrounding air. The negative pressure then pulls blood (and lymphatic fluid) into the penis and inflates it, result penis looks a little bigger. As soon the penis is out the pump it reverts to normal size. This method is considered as dangerous and doesn’t work charm. A vacuum can cause blood vessels to burst which results in bruising. If this happens you can do serious damage with continued use. There’s a big possibility of nerve damage of excessive use. Long-term users have reported loss of sensitivity which means less communication with brain and the ultimate result is weaker erection.

Weights are the worst and the most dangerous method ever. It is pretty much self-exclamatory and the side effects are devastating. There are numerous cases of serious and incurable injuries.

Penis enlargement surgery is costly and involves big risks that even doctors don’t recommend a surgery. Side effects include losing an erection entirely. If no other methods work for you (which is very unlikely) you can try penis surgery as a last resort.

Doctor endorsed?

Not all the methods are doctor approved or clinically approved. But the extenders, pills and exercises we talk about in our site are doctor approved.