Does Penis Size Matter?

In a world of supersize boobs, cars, meals and just about everything else, it’s hard to stop thinking about whether a smaller penis is actually okay. Men are conscious when it comes to satisfying women and then, unfortunately, the question pops up, does penis size matter? Each woman has her preference that differs from others. But most women are partial to dicks that are above average.

Some claim, mostly men with small penises, that size doesn’t really matter! I’ve found this to be that size does matter. But a guy with a big penis can satisfy his partner more.

While there may be some guy who is very motivated to satisfy his partner despite having a small penis, this is the type of men that are very rare. Also, men with smaller penis often fail to satisfy his partner. It is worst for the fat guys with a small penis.

No seriously, why does it matter? Why? Ask yourself. Do u love big boobs? It’s the exact reason why women love big dick. Women naturally tend to fall for the biggest. It’s exactly the reason why women love big and muscular guys. Big and muscular looking penis makes them horny as well.

A matter of fact having a bigger penis will give u some advantages in bed,

Your partner will love the new fat cock.
Big will make her horny.
Big and muscular penis means more feeling and satisfaction for your partner.
Longer, harder erections and more enjoyable sex.
Women are already one step ahead in the game by their boob and ass jobs! So why wait any longer? Start enlarging your penis and give her what she wants.

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